Goal Planning

“Money is a means, not an end. More important than building a pile of Money is building a plan for that money.”

Bearing this in mind, the most effective thing to ask yourself isn’t “How much money can I save”?

Its “what am I saving for”?

We at FinTao believe that all individuals are unique; they have their own life, own dreams, own plans, we make a customized plan for our clients.

We will plan for your future events like your Child’s Education, Wealth Creation, Child’s Marriage, Life security, Retirement, and other life goals.

While planning, we focus on-

  • Contingency Planning- Insurance Needs
  • Planning for financial goals
  • Tax-efficient and Safe “Goal Base Exit”
  • Cash-flow management
  • Review & Rebalance

Deeper Insights

Need a little more clarity on what we can do for you? Here are a few resources to help you out.