Wealth Creation

We at FinTao believe that wealth management has more to do with your life, family goals and aspirations. We are strong believers of what Maslow has told in his hierarchy structure years back regarding stepping one step ahead & reach up to Self Realization.

Self Realization is a topmost thing but it is difficult to be in a topmost slab until the below slabs are intact in its place, We help you to get your below slabs at a right position which will help you to feel free, in true sense you will be at the topmost slab.

We help you to translate your needs and goals into the best-suited investment options and provide research-backed advice to grow your wealth and investment holistically.

We follow the strategy of wealth management index and give weightage to each component while managing wealth for our clients-

  • Asset Protection for the preservation of wealth
  • Disability and income protection
  • Debt Management
  • Investment and cash flow planning for the accumulation of wealth
  • Estate Planning for the distribution of the wealth
  • Succession Planning


Wealth creation happens when you follow the discipline of Investment, maintain your strategic asset allocation on your overall networth, unduly not increasing or decreasing a single asset, as there are business cycle & investment cycle running & most important your Investment should match your life cycle. Goal planning helps you to achieve wealth creation. Diversification of assets will protect your wealth & also help to transfer the same to your heirs. A systematic Investment plan is the best way to kick start your Wealth creation journey!! 

Protecting or preserving your wealth is a more tough task to perform as compared to creating it, as your investment behaviour needs to be in right channel not getting carried away by FOMO or any market rumours, a very well known saying by warren buffet “fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” needs to imbibed in our minds while investing. Investor needs to well diversify/her portfolio based of their life cycle & goals or aspirations & Exit the Investment when their goal is nearing, in a systematic way so that market volatility does not affect your goals. Preserving wealth also means avoiding unnecessary Investment which can block your liquidity, avoid concentration of portfolio, reduce market risk, this all thing can be achieved with optimal asset allocation of your wealth.


Wealth transfer or wealth transition is an easy process, it can be done via Trust making or by will make, but we would recommend taking an expert help as the process of having trust or will making is a tedious & bit tangled process where an expert can assist you to do in a more smooth manner.

The wealth creation journey can be started from day one of your Business or from day one of your job. This will help you to create wealth much faster than your peers who are starting Investment at a later stage of their life. You can take financial experts’ help to start with & not just waste money on any unknown products or investments where charges are too high & financial experts will also assist you to avoid herd mentality & FOMO kind of behavioural hazards.The investment pyramid preaches us to start with savings accounts & moving forward to equity markets & for equity markets best way to invest is via Mutual funds & further you can consider other asset classes as per your life cycle or goals requirement.


Fintao has a team of  Financial experts who have done their study in the personal finance space ( CFP & NSE Certified/ MBA finance) & also served a quite huge number of clients to achieve their wealth creation goal. We at Fintao believe to have the right strategic asset allocation without being carried away with just market sentiments & before starting the Investment we will be doing a risk profiling which will help us to know what is your risk appetite so we do not take over risk or under risk, while curating your portfolio. We believe in modern portfolio theory where individual assets are not just considered in isolation but instead, we look at your entire networth & based on that we prepare the entire set of a portfolio of different asset classes with an optimal asset allocation. We also try to manage via building a bridge between your life cycle & financial cycle via curating an optimal portfolio.

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