Retirement Planning

“Stop thinking & end your problem”– By Lao Tzu

We know this above quotation is hard to believe when it comes about retirement planning or financial freedom,

  • When can I get my financial freedom?
  • How much money will be required?
  • How long do I need to work for money?

Answer to these questions are;

No two retirements are precisely similar, So we don't treat them like they are.

Quick check:

  • No investment avenue is terrible, but we firmly believe that not all available investment avenues are good for everyone. So, do you have the right investment avenue in your retirement bucket?
  • Does your Investment are in the optimal mix to provide you income as well as Wealth appreciation?
  • Have you thought of consolidating your assets as it is vital for your peaceful Retirement & also for your heirs?
  • Does your spouse or family member know about your financial matters? Who can my spouse or family turn to for assistance if I am no longer available to handle our affairs?


Financial Freedom is a broader concept than retirement, you can retire when you are having financial freedom, which means you do not have to work for money there after you can start enjoying your passion or start a new startup venture or just relax down and enjoy your retirement phase without worrying about money as you are now having financial freedom.

To achieve the financial freedom you need to start planning as early as possible it can be day one of your job or business or it can be when you have first time realized it but earlier is much better, because you have to contribute a lesser amount for financial freedom month on month as early as you have started for the same amount of corpus which can acclaim your financial freedom.

This is a bit tricky to answer you can get this answer on multiple websites but that might not be the comprehensive way to consider, this question needs answered from a multidimensional view just for eg:- where are you retiring? At which age? Have you built your retirement corpus till now if yes then how much? Will you be having any other passive income? Have you considered your medical bills if yes then what inflation you have considered for that bills? A financial expert can assist you to give clarity on the same.

Financial freedom is a very important thing in one’s life as this will stop bogging down from the pressure of working for money. How long you need to work depends on your savings & investment habits, if that is performed well then you don’t have to work till 60 of your age or you don’t have to be dependent on someone. Have you planned your retirement or financial freedom at age of 45 & to take care of yourself and your spouse till the age of 90?? If not we can assist you with the same.

Retirement money!! There are two things to consider:- are you building a retirement corpus or you have already built it now you want to invest for the rest of your life.

Let’s take the first step first if you want to build a retirement corpus start it from day one of your income started & have a healthy asset allocation across the asset classes to diversify & grow your portfolio. Optimal asset allocation may change upon your demographics which financial experts can help you to judge.the second phase of the life distribution phase means when you have retired & now want a monthly income out of this corpus, in this case, you should follow a waterfall concept where you create multi-stage for eg:- stage 1 you have liquid assets from which you can take care of monthly needs. Stage 2 from which stage 1 can be replenished as when it is at the verge of completion & it will also be semi-liquid & a growth asset. Stage 3 from this one you will take care of stage 2 & this stage will have a higher risky assets to bit inflation & generate long term returns.

Retirement planning is recommended to start from the day one of your income, as you will be earning for the next 30-35 years from there if you spend the same without saving & investing then the next 30 years of retirement, will be jeopardized, so you have to at least start with 20% of your income to save each month on month & rest will be taken care by the financial expert so that you can spend your next 30 years of retirement year with full of enjoyment & none of the worries.

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