Daily Chores

We want to list down a bunch of age-appropriate daily chores, which can be a ready reckoner for you.


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Age Groups

Ages 5-7
  • Clean up of toys
  • Put dirty clothes in laundry bag
  • Feed treats to pet
  • Throw away own trash
  • Wearing clothes on your own
  • Helping in grandparents in their small daily chores
  • Sort the laundry
Ages 8-10
  • Any previous chores listed
  • Packing a lunch box for school
  • Collect all used dishes from the dining table & put in wash yard
  • Get letters from the letterbox
  • Clean garden or yard from waste or weeds
  • Fold your own blanket
  • Water indoor plants
Age 11-15
  • Any previous chores
  • Clean bathroom & sink
  • Unpack the groceries
  • Preparing tea or coffee
  • Cut fruits
  • Wake up with alarm clock
  • Helping a younger sibling
  • Preparing breakfast snacks
  • Wash their own cycle
  • Empty dustbin when a trash car comes
  • Folding clothes
  • Arrange your own wardrobe
Age 16-18
  • Any previous chores
  • Prepare full meals
  • Organize the house
  • Managing travel expense on a family vacation
  • Clean bike or car
  • Iron clothes
  • Help with house maintenance
  • Mop & vacuum
  • Bringing groceries & milk products regularly

This will help them to learn personal responsibilities & also valuable life lessons. Giving up pocket money without any daily chores is a grave mistake done as it will never be a reality. Do Not overload them & keep busy that they are not able to part enough time for their studies.