Our focus is also to educate your kids "how to value money"

A small effort to make
your young star a brighter one


When to begin giving kids an allowance.

Daily Chores

Whether chores should be linked to allowances.


Teaching your kids to save.

Purchase Responsibilities

How to teach the value of a money, relative to real-life costs.

Wealth Impact

How your wealth will affect your Kids?

A seamless & hassle-free wealth transition to your young stars

Age Groups

Ages 5-7

You are the only teacher for your little one.

Ages 8-10

You are the only role model for your young champ.

Age 11-15

You are the best guide for your kid.

Age 16-18

You are the best friend for your grown up.

We will ensure effective
Wealth transfer which will help
to glow your young stars brightly.

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