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As we are aware nothing is constant, time flies, there are lot many things which have been changed during our parents time things were pretty much simple just invest in couple of Government schemes or PF account it will take care on entire Financial Journey, but now time has changed there are lot many Instruments have been included in Financial Journey we would like to help you to choose right one for you considering the holistic view of your finances.

We are here to help in your finances to choose the right asset for your entire portfolio, to maintain right asset allocation which can give you better risk adjusted return as per your risk profile. We help you to identify which product is appropriate in your portfolio adding unnecessary Investment avenues is also one type of risk we will help you to safeguard you & your portfolio from such unnecessary Investment products.

Plan is what helps us to choose right Investment avenues for you because without understanding your entire financial health your Financial immune & also your risk appetite we will not able to cater our best towards your portfolio, So we are inclined towards understanding your needs, your goals, time horizon of the same post that only appropriate decision can be taken.

Your Financial Planner is same like your Health Instructor or lets say your Nutritionist or doctor, until & unless your Financial Planner is not aware of what is lacking in your financial portfolio or what is in excess he will not be able to give you a best fit of recommendation, so sharing personal & financial Information is in your best interest.

There is a very wrong notion in many of us out there, that Financial Planning or such service is only for Rich guys, but definitely that is not at all true. Any one who is earning or not earning but wants to plan his financial aspiration in a systematic fashion can have a financial planner to manage his or her finances & have safe reach at your destined financial aspiration.

CA is a Professional who is providing you his or her services in tax domain where he is having is strong feet, but he will not be able to have detailed discussions with you & understand your risk appetite & guide you on that parameters that exactly which investment avenues is better for you considering your all goals & which asset should be mapped to which goal.

Trust is something very valuable ingredient in this relationship. Until & unless you do not provide your entire financial information, your financial planner's suggestion will be not in your best interest, so to get benefitted out of his or her suggestion you need to provide your financial information & this entire journey will be on fiduciary relationship.

Bank relationship Manager & Insurance Agents works on the model of target achievement, this model itself is a scrap in financial planning. As they receive targets for a couple of investment products they need to sell that to make the ends meet to achieve their target. Now it doesn’t matter that particular investment product is suitable for you considering your wholistic financial profile, but yes it is definitely suitable for bank RM & insurance agents as they have sold that product to you by hook or crook & achieved their target.

In case of contingency Maximum time to get your money back will be T + 3 business working days ( T means transaction day).

You do not give single money to FinTao or any of our accounts, it is a tripartite account for which you will be given login id & password same as like bank account, from which you will able to see your entiere holdings.

It is definitely pretty easy to just select from star rating of fund, that in which fund you want to invest, but what you will be missing out is as below:-

  1. Is that particular Mutual fund suitable for you or is it matching up with your rik profile?
  2. As we have told earlier entry is pretty easy but yes when to exit is a tough task we will be assisting you on that.
  3. Which fund needs to be mapped with which goal or financial aspiration will definitely need expert advice.
  4. Continuous monitoring of Funds & tracking the same with best in class research tools will be included in our service.

Yes, We can move your existing mutual funds to our online portal. Process is easy to go ahead but yes at least 1 month is what the entire process takes.

Yes, definitely FinTao helps you in Tax savings in all most all aspects considering, Income tax, Capital gains tax

In case FinTa shut down, your money is secured as not even a single money is taken on our name its truly yours & in your name only so, you can find out same with cams(

It is pretty simple 45 days prior you need to just write a mail to us & post that you can consider that mail itself as an formal communication & you don’t have to redeem your funds, you can continue using the investment portal also on your wish & we will not charge any fee for the same.

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