Asset Allocation

“The difference between success and failure is not which stock you buy or which piece of real estate you buy, it’s asset allocation.”-By Tony Robin

Asset allocation is like having a plant, we need all kinds of plants. Some will give us the fruits in 6 months, some will give fruits in the next 1-2 years and some which will provide us with a lot of fruits, but it will take 8 to 10 years.

We believe the asset allocation happens automatically based on financial goals. It is like having a correct mix of investments to achieve your goals within your parameter of risk.

We don’t believe in the idea of switching to equity when markets are rising, it’s an irrational decision, sticking to our original asset allocation will be beneficial in the long term.

We focus us on below-mentioned points for the efficient asset allocation 

  • Tax Efficiency
  • Required Liquidity
  • Goal Specific investment
  • 360° view of the Assets
  • Efficiently Diversified

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